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My wife and I enjoyed making love outdoors.... on the beach or in the forest, we love the outdoors feeling naked. Sun makes us feel so hot We turn sometimes, why we are juggworld on this page. Both the wife and I are totally bi sexual play and always together, if you meet other couples bi, women or men. All our meets are already organized and usually with friends playing regularly. tell you, a true story and this time was certainly different. On a warm summer evening, my wife Alison and I took a drive from Thetford forest near our home in Norfolk, with the intention to introduce a little fun with us in the forest. We parked the car in one part of the jungle were we to know less and started walking to find a secluded spot. We had walked several hundred meters and they noticed another car parked next juggworld to us. We were alittle worried because no one juggworld seemed to come and I thourght trying to entermy car. Anyway, we sat up and then took a turn in a cleared area of ​​forest to find a solitary place to play. The search for a site of both Alison and I bare arms. Alison has a lovely little figure with bold, firm breasts and a delicious shaved pussy. Alison fell to his knees and began to stroke the length of my penis shaved and trimmed, while cupping my balls in her other hand. When fully erect, she took the length of my cock in her mouth open and willing company and gave me long and deep by juggworld mouth. Alison First lying on my back, I gently licked and finger fucked her sweet pussy. She was very wet. Arise, Alison me juggworld to bend over and hold on a fallen tree trunk, so I could take the back and apply deep and fucked hard, enjoy it. So there I was, my cock and hard into the woman thrusing when I see a man standing on one side cancel. I assumed he was the man who must have parked next to our car. At first I was a little Surprised and felt he should have, juggworld and he apologized and said he was going. I said, 'No worries mate, please come and enjoy' The woman was satisfied with this, as I continued to fuck her. If both did not feel 'weird ' soon Alison told him to come over, and suggested he take off his clothes and join John and introduced myself as Alison, and he called himself Peter. was presented to Alison and took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. So there we were, all naked with Alison, who spitroated mine and Stanger. She enjoyed every moment with two big cocks at both ends. Alison knelt before us and said, cum on her face. Understanding both sides of Alison and wanking our big cocks, who shot my hot load in her mouth open. Peter then shot his sperm in her face an endless stream of hot cum on Alison. Alison said simply ' delicious. ' with which our strange thanked him and walked away.
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