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While we owe smartphones a debt of gratitude for familiarizing us all with all the epic, ongoing avian/swine battle (now with the Easter edition!), you can find also a myriad of applications that could increase productivity and performance for attorneys. Taking a break from our traditional blog roll, in this week`s Sociable Lawyer Round-Up, we give you-our top 10 smart-phone applications for the legal career. Whether you`re an L1 student or experienced lawyer, chances are that you`re rocking an iPhone (fingers crossed for iphone-5) or you pledge allegiance to the Android army. Useful lawyer mobile apps for all these phones range from apps that cover legal reference material to document management suites to simple applications that act as a clock to track your billable hours. When improved with mobile apps that are effective and appropriate, it is possible to use your smartphone to untether your self from your real-world desk. You can now work anywhere, the bus, the beach, waiting in line in the DMV"¦the options are limitless! Needless to say, just as you can doesn`t suggest you should"¦but that`s still another topic entirely. You`ll find a blend of I-OS and Android based cell apps below, complete using a brief review as well as their respective Market hyperlink for downloading. Have an authorized app that you couldn`t live without? Tweet at us (@sociablelawyer) on that smart phone of yours and let us know!

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LogMeIn Ignition

Price: $29.99, System: iOS and Android, Needs: iOS 3.0 or later |Android model 1.5 and up, Purchase Hyperlinks: iOS Market | Android Market Over 125 million devices worldwide run LogMeIn service to supply remote-access to comprehensive personal and enterprise. From your own phone, you're able to remotely control your Computer or Mac directly from your palm of your hand as if you had been standing right in front of it. From this solitary application you conserve and can view, transfer folders or documents between all of your devices having an easy click. You can also remotely operate any business application you have installed on your computer from your phone that is smart. With you, the contents of your desktop are usually with LogMeIn Ignition. Installation is basic enough, as nicely. Purchase the mobile app from your phone`s respective industry, generate an on the web account with LogMeIn Ignition, install the pc software on your computer and you`re ready to go cellular. For people who see "9 to 5` as simply a classic Dolly Part On track, this cellular application is the definition of untethered.

QuickOffice Pro

Price: Presently $7.99 (Reg. $19.99) for Android | $9.99 for I-OS, System: Android and iOS, Demands: iOS 3.0 or later | Android version 2.0 " 2.3.3, Obtain Hyperlinks: iOS Market | Android Market Considered a worldwide leader in cell productiveness solutions (with several accolades to prove it), QuickOffice brings your Micro-Soft Off-Ice productivity suite straight to your phone. It is possible to create, view and edit any Micro Soft Office file such as for instance Word documents, Excel spread sheets, or presentations. Coupled with built-in cloud accessibility to such services like Google Docs or DropBox (we told you this app was huge!), perhaps not only are you able to access stored documents but now you can also make those last minute revisions before your presentation or meeting. With a plethora of updates introduced with up-to-date versions 4.0 for Android and 3.3.0 for I-OS, such as clipboard access, voice input dictation, undo/re do prompts and the choice to conserve to your SD card, QuickOffice really does take your cellular productiveness to the next le Vel.

Droid Law

Price: Free, Platform: Android, Requires: Android version 2.0.1 and up, Purchase Hyperlink: Android Market DroidLaw is a legal reference cell application that contains the following in its base software: the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Federal Principles of Evidence., the Federal Principles of Appellate Procedure, the Federal Principles of Criminal Method and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. Additional reference supplies, such as for instance the United States code or U.S. Constitution add on, are accessible in the Android industry for a charge. As of March `11, 3 1 state codes inside their entirety are obtainable for buy as add-ons in the Android Market, using a guarantee by the developer to b-ring all fifty state codes by year`s finish.


Price: Free, Platform: I-OS and Android, Needs: iOS 3.1 or later | Android model 1.5 and up, Buy Links: iOS Market | Android Market 25 million consumers across 1-75 nations cannot be wrong. Dropbox h AS long been the go to software for mobile storage management. Any file you save to your own Dropbox, whether its photos, movies or docs, will instantly save to your own computer, Android or I-phone system, and even your Drop-Box internet site account. You'll be able to easily transfer email attachments straight from your inbox into your Dropbox and even upload several documents in batches. Never worry about leaving behind that contract at the café or accidentally misplacing a document; Dropbox affords privacy, you the mobility and security needed to keep you on the go. Now available in Spanish, Japanese, German and French editions, Dropbox is a must have document conduite and file-transfer application.

Black`s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition

Price: $54.99, System: I-OS (coming soon-to Android), Demands: iOS 3.1 or later, Purchase Link: I-OS Market Regarded as the most extensively cited legislation guide in the world, Black`s Law Dictionary cell application for I-phone delivers over 45,000 terms (with spelling pronunciations for more than 7 7,000) and nearly 3,000 quotations directly for your handheld. With genuine time and progressive appear up research features, this mobile app is the legal dictionary for today`s regulation pupils and attorneys alike. Integrate along with your WestLaw log-in for full accessibility to hyper-link crossreferences (will pull-up and re direct to your mobile browser). You`ve utilized the dictionary. The advantages are known by you. Now encounter it all a T the touch of your finger-tips, any-time and anywhere. With an application for Android coming soon, Black`s Legislation Dictionary cell app is a luxury given the price but a necessity provided the worth.


Price: Free, Platform: I-OS, Needs: I-OS 3.1 or later, Buy Link: iOS Market Fastcase for I-phone is a cell legislation library that permits its customers to search statutes and cases from all fifty states, federal government included. Smart search engineering pulls the appropriate instances to the most effective of your research query, in addition to other customizable functions that aid filter research results. Libraries are searchable by keyword (or Boolean research), natural-language search or citation look-up. While the program itself is free, account registration is required to be able to enable particular features like document saving or research background. More than 400,000 lawyers have entry to Fastcase`s desktop application while 18 state bar associations have obtained subscriptions for his or her members, producing it a trusted research support within the lawful profession.

TimeClock Time Tracker

Price: $3.99, Platform: Android, Requires: Android version 1.5 and up, Purchase Hyperlink: Android Market An aptly titled application, time clock helps legal professionals track the start and endtime of a job while on the go. Simply set your hourly fee per client and this app calculates your total earnings by the end of work. You transfer it into a spreadsheet to create your invoices or can export the data once these billable hrs are tracked. Each time record permits you to store notes, job or customer info, and a data area that is secondary you can use to note circumstance place, category or whatever marker you deem fit. All time records are accessible inside the app and can be edited with simplicity.


Price: Free (Limited), Platform: iOS and Android, Requires: iOS 3.1.1 or later | Android version 2.1 or over, Buy Hyperlinks: iOS Market | Android Market PocketJustice "brings the U.S. Supreme Courtroom down to earth` and into the pal M of your fingers. This application that is cell provides situation information and audio on law cases from the Supreme Courtroom canon. While the free version contains information for the top 100 constitutional legislation cases, the premium version for $4.99 affords users access to all 600 cases. In many cases, PocketJustice even offers synchronized and search-able transcripts pulled from the Court`s community proceedings. Curious as to what knowledge Justice Sonia Sotomayor is bringing to the bench? PocketJustice h AS you covered there, too. Users can view alignments and biographies of all 11 justices inside the app. Additionally, the new "share` operate lets you send noteworthy instances out via email, Face-Book and Twitter.

Google Reader

Price: Free, System: Android, Demands: Android model 1.6 , up and Obtain Link: Android Market An RSS reader personalized on your mobile gadget, Google Reader aggregates the feeds from your favorite sites into one mobile application that is handy. Of Above the Law website avid reader? Big on Huge Lawful Mind, possibly? Not only does the Google Reader app make it a cinch to add your preferred weblogs or internet sites, it syncs together with the web model you could already have fullyloaded with your preferences. A key function is this mobile app supports off line reading; down load everything via Wifi and you`ll never be trapped underground on the tunnel again without the comfort of Lawyerist in your palm (only one week left to enter that Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300 giveaway!). With functions such as the ability to track keywords and searches across various news and search sites as well as the option to "share` anything across your different social networks, Google Reader is one of the most comprehensive feed apps available on the market.

Cam Scanner " Phone PDF Creator

Price: Free, Platform: I-OS and Android, Needs: iOS 3.1 or later | Android edition 2.0, Obtain Hyperlinks: iOS Marketplace | Android Market Very seldom would you see an attorney lugging a portable scanner alongside their lap top, latte, briefcase and tablet. If you end up in need of a PDF image in a pinch, perhaps while meeting a client at your nearby Star Bucks (no brick and mortar office for you personally!), Cam Scanner turns your phone into a document scanner utilizing the created incamera. Simply snap a picture of receipt, the paper document, agreement as well as discussion and you'll get the scanned image that is improved and cropped from the app. Once converted to your PDF, you've the option of storing tagging or even uploading your documents into your cloud server to give others.

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Published on July 5 2017

Ten Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer in the Initial Interview You might be shopping around to find a divorce attorney to represent you if you are contemplating a divorce. In the preliminary consultation, you will find a lot of questions that are important that you ought to ask.

If my case goes to court, what can I assume?

A good lawyer will have you well-prepared if your divorce case does have to go to court on which to expect. Although they are probably to discover several different alternatives for reaching money before then.

What happens after I file for divorce if my circumstances change?

This is another issue worth asking so that you can set your mind at rest. As an example, you might get a bonus on the job or be made redundant, so it`s excellent to know where you`d stand in case your monetary circumstances did modify significantly.

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How often could I expect to listen to from you with updates on my circumstance?

This query is definitely worth asking. For example you may not hear from your lawyer for what appears like extended periods during your circumstance, but that may only mean they don`t have any updates for you. If you`d like to have communication more often, you ought to be clear relating to this in the beginning.

Would you prefer what is your attitude toward mediation and settle, and to negotiate?

An attorney who's looking for ways to resolve problems, not to escalate disagreements will best serves you. An attorney who is willing to try all avenues to solve your case can help make your divorce less expensive, both financially and emotionally.

Are you currently comfortable representing someone in my situation?

It's important that your attorney has represented customers in circumstances that are related to yours, particularly if your have an out-of-the-ordinary scenario that could require specific understanding.

Do I actually have valid grounds to get a divorce?

Divorce is a lawful method that`s taken extremely seriously. There are qualifying requirements that need to be satisfied before a divorce can go forward.

How long will my divorce take to really go through?

Once your attorney knows the fundamental details of your situation, they should be able to give you a rough idea of timescale from begin to finish based on their experience.

As a mom, will I immediately get custody of my kids? / As a Father will my ex immediately get complete custody of our kids?

This is an essential question to inquire so that you can put your mind at rest when there are kids concerned in a divorce. There's perhaps not hard and quick rule, the most useful pursuits of the kids will always be the paramount consideration for the courtroom.

Who'll really be working on my case and what are their skills?

Should you pick a your divorce lawyer since you think they`ll do a great work based in your initial meeting, you`ll probably want to create sure it`s them you`ll really be dealing with as your situation progresses instead than another spouse or member of the company.

Do I actually need a divorce solicitor or can I do myself to things?

If every thing is extremely amicable between you and your (soon-to be) ex-spouse, it could possibly be possible that you go through the divorce process with no lawyer, although this can depend on many facets.

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While the names of the individuals included in this listing are not the wealthiest in the entire world, they are the richest in their selected business - law. Here is a listing of the top richest attorneys on the planet.

Vernon Jordan - $12 Million

Vernon Jordan is a civil-rights activist, and at the sam-e time, also an attorney. He was born in Georgia. This American lawyer is well known for excelling in school. In 1957, he graduated from DePauw College. He earned his diploma in the Howard University School of Law. Where here worked for Donal L, after his graduation, we went back to Georgia. Hollowel, a lawyer very specialized in civil rights. Jordan played a large function in winning a lawsuit for discrimination against the University of Georgia, while employed by Hollowel. Vernon Jordan has a net worth of $12 million.

Wichai Thongthan - $1.1 Billion

Wichai Thongthan definitely deserves the numberone spot on this list of the richest attorneys in the world for having a net worth of $1.1 billion. This is a significant leap from the $100 million internet worth of Willie E. Gary. He practiced legislation before he really entered this industry, although he is best recognized if you are a businessman. He re-presented extremely potent clients, for example Thaksin Shinawatra, the Thai Prime-Minister. Wichai Thongthan is now one of the board members of companies for example Bangkok Dusit Medi Cal.

John Branca - $50 Million

John Branca was born in New York, but he moved to California at the age of eleven. He was a member of a band during his teen-age years. He used a major in audio at the Occidental College along with the Los Angeles Metropolis University. He completed his studies in the UCLA College of Legislation. He first focused on estate planning before specializing in entertainment legislation. The switch created him probably one of the most of the very well-identified amusement attorneys on earth. John Branca h AS a net worth of $50 million.

Stacey Gardner - $1 Million

Stacey Gardner isn't only recognized for her modeling job; she's also regarded to be one of the attorneys on the planet. She was born in Beverly Hills, California. She completed her law degree in the Southwestern Law School and she proceeded to using the bar exam, from which she passed in 2005. Her other achievements include being a model to get being a Fox News redcarpet host and for a number of salon advertisement. She's also one of the versions on the Offer or No Deal gameshow. Stacey Gardner is reported to have a net worth of $1million.

Howard K. Stern - $500,000

Howard K. Stern, despite being the last on this list of the richest lawyers in the world, he's still one of the wealthiest, together with his net worth at an estimated sum of $ 500,000. Born Howard Kevin Stern on the 29th of November, 1968, this American attorney is also the agent and the former domestic partner of the late Anna Nicole Smith (design). Stern was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He graduated in the University of California, where he finished is bachelor`s diploma. His admission to the State Bar of California took place on the 25th of February ,

Willie E. Gary - $100 Million

Willie E. Gary is attorney, who was born in Georgia, businessman, and a speaker. He graduated from Shaw University, where he received his Enterprise Administration degree. Next, he went on to take up law, and he graduated in the North Carolina Central University having a degree. It truly is reported that Willie E. Gary is worth $100-million. He is the the person liable for opening and creating Martin County`s first ever black lawfirm.

Joel Segal - $40 Million

Joel Segal is a graduate of the Hofstra Law-School, where he obtained his legislation diploma. He began his career as sports agent and a contractor advisor in his own practice. He then proceeded to join the Worldwide Football Management, Inc. where he became the president back in 1997. He's the current president of BEST Soccer and Lagedere Unrestricted. Joel Segal, aside from having a net worth of $40-million, is also continually being ranked among the the world`s most powerful sports agents.

Vikki Ziegler - $2.5 Million

Vikki Ziegler is writer, a television character, and lawyer. Hailing from New Jersey, Ziegler is a graduate of the University of Rhodeisland , and it has earned her regulation degree from the Quinnipiac College School of Regulation, which is a college in Connecticut. After she graduated from law school, she first labored as a court clerk before training as a New-Jersey mediator. In the late 90`s, Ziegler decided to open her own personal practice that specific in civil and matrimonial litigation. Vikki Ziegler`s net worth is reported to be at $2.5 million.

Ana Quincoces - $8 Million

Cuban-American Ana Quincoces is maybe not only an attorney, but is also a chef as well as a reality show star. She was elevated in Miami, Florida, where she started to enjoy cooking when she was still of a young age. She self-printed her extremely own cookbook entitled Cuban Chicks Can Cook, which quickly became a bestseller. She went on to write still another cookbook, this time, entitled Sabor! An Enthusiasm for Cuban Cuisine, which solidified her success in the kitchen. Ana Quincoces is said to have an internet worth of around $8 million.

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Jose Baez - $5 Million

Jose Baez, while he was born in New York, grew up being forced to travel forth and straight back to Flo-Rida. Before he graduated, he needed to leave college after his girlfriend got pregnant. He still finished his GED though, however he went on to join the United States Navy in the mid-80`s. Before he graduated from the Florida State-University he became an intelligence analyst. In 1997, he completed his regulation diploma in the St. Thomas University School of Legislation. He was not admitted to the Florida Bar instantly after his graduation because of his previous bankruptcy problems. It was only in 2005 when place was taken by his admission. Jose Baez`s net worth is $5 million.

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A career as a lawyer is an extraordinary calling. However, becoming a lawyer is a huge undertaking when it comes to economic investment and time commitment. Therefore, it is important before you embark on a career route as a lawyer to learn as much concerning the occupation as possible. These top 10 reasons to become a lawyer describe a number of the great things about working as an attorney. Keep in mind a career as an attorney has had its drawbacks. For a glimpse to the disadvantages of regulation practice, review this checklist of the 10 Worst Things about a Career As an Attorney.

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A profession as a lawyer has been a hallmark of prestige. Impressive degrees, embody the definition of success and generous salaries, and an authority over the others have positioned lawyers in a elite circle of professionals who command respect. Attorneys nonetheless enjoy a distinctive specialist standing plus a glamorous image perpetuated by the media, today.

Earning Potential

Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in the legal market and many attorneys earn salaries well above the nationwide average. While the median annual salary for many lawyers is $110,590, the world`s best lawyers pull in million-dollar incomes. Keep in mind, however, that not all lawyers make big bucks and salaries rely on region, experience level, and employer size. Lawyers used in key towns, in big law firms and in-demand specialties usually earn the highest incomes. More

Transferable Skills

Even when you don`t practice law, a J.D. can open doors to new options and serve as a stepping stone to a new job. The abilities you develop in law school so when a lawyer can serve you well in several careers for example consulting, conduite, writing, mediation, and academia. More


Last but not the least, lawyers` attires and their presentability speaks loudly about their personality and the glamorously elite professional world they are a portion of. Each of them, Italian fits, white collars, black robes have the charm and the significance that are eye-catching and head-turning.

Job fulfilment and variety

Having students and expert life, learning legislation is as intriguing as it can certainly get. There would perhaps not be a single minute when you'll feel monotonous or bored of the function or the topic that you will be doing. You will find challenges to deal with and branstorming to do, at every step. Fulfilment of fulfillment and work of the same is a thing that makes regulation as a profession starkly better and different than other job alternatives. Additionally, variety of area and function expertise to work on is still another important incentive that performs an essential function. Each day is stuffed with something interesting and new.

Opportunity to Aid Others

Lawyers are in a unique position to assist teams, individuals, and organizations with their authorized problems and more the public-good. Public interest lawyers help those in need of authorized support who might perhaps not otherwise be in a position to afford a lawyer and champion causes that are legal for the greater great of society. Lawyers in private practice frequently perform pro bono function to help lowincome individuals and underserved portions of the population victims of kids and abuse, like the elderly. More

Intellectual Challenge

Working as a lawyer is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. From supporting to patent a trade-secret to devising a trial technique to forming a multi-million-dollar merger, lawyers are problemsolvers, analysts and innovative thinkers whose intellect is crucial to career success. More

Ability to own your own firm

As soon as you have successfully graduated having a diploma in law, you're awarded a legal license that bestows you using the chance to set up your own law firm. With a law firm, you are able to be in a position be in a position to build an individual status that is good and also to improve your earnings with a fantastic margin. Having an individual lawyer, you get an opportunity to be your own boss and you can therefore be in a position to to perform your organization according to your own wishes. Provided that there is a society, as a lawyer you should always be sure that you have a work lying in wait. This is due to the reason that the society and its particular members are bound to make crimes and mistakes that may land them in lawful battles. That is wherever your services come in to play and you get an employment opportunity.

Work Environment

The majority of lawyers work in authorities, law organizations, and companies. In a age where cubicles have become the mainstay of the modern work-place, lawyers generally function in an office with four partitions. Lawyers in greater firms enjoy sufficient help staff, plush offices plus a number of office perks ranging from gym memberships to box seats at sporting events. More

Diverse Practice Areas

As the lawful profession evolves, increased industry segmentation and specialization have led into a broad array of sub-specialties. Lawyers can specialize in one or several niche places ranging from bread -and-butter methods such as employment law and litigation to niche specialties including green law or foreclosure legislation. More

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